Monday, July 3, 2017


Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. 
~Desmond Tutu

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Silence is Golden

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There were easily about fifty or so people at the turnoff on Highway One today around sunset; and there was one more thing - silence - as we all watched a glorious sunset. This is definitely not a great photo and even a really great photo would not do justice to the beauty of the sunset; and there are no words to describe the silence (:))
Silence Is Golden

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Writer's Block??? Overcome (literally)

Today is day one of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge yet again. Today marks another start for me trying to revive blogging habits. And as I start my first post, I realized I need to overcome writer's block, seriously!!  And thinking over it, I finally decided to start with poetry for post one.

Trying to explore poetic forms is something I always enjoyed and that is what I tried in my day one post - the lines below are an attempt to use the literary devices anaphora and antimetabole (and not sure if a successful use of aposiopesis in the last line).
Antimetabole is derived from a Greek word which means “turning about”. It is a literary term or device that involves repeating a phrase in reverse order.
In writing or speech, the deliberate repetition of the first part of the sentence in order to achieve an artistic effect is known as Anaphora.
Aposiopesis is derived from a Greek word that means “becoming silent”. It is a rhetorical device that can be defined as a figure of speech in which the speaker or writer breaks off abruptly and leaves the statement incomplete, as if the speaker is not willing to state what is present in his mind due to being overcome by passion, excitement or fear. In a piece of literature, it means to leave a sentence unfinished so that the reader could determine his own meanings.

Hoping, Loving, Doing
Here is hoping,
that doing what I love, and loving what I do
leads to doing it ever so more
leads to doing it ever so better

Here is hoping,
that I learn to love what I do, which of course,
leads to doing what I love once again,
leads to doing it ever so more
leads to doing it ever so better

Here is hoping, 
that doing it ever so more
that doing it ever so better
leads to loving what I do, which of course ...
well, .....
--Vidya Tiru

Friday, June 30, 2017

Yet another revival continues..

'Try, try, and try again, and you will succeed.' - This is a moral from one of the earliest stories that I remember reading/hearing as a child. The story, or rather the moral has since then been heard many a times and said to me by me as well :)
So, here I am again, at the start of another Ultimate Blogging Challenge hoping to post regularly. Hectic work schedules meant (and could still mean) other things do tend to take a back seat but I am hoping that this time around, I can plan to schedule posts differently - shorter posts (still hopefully good posts) to make it easier for me to keep posting as often as I can. Trying again, and hoping to keep trying at least and at some point, emulate the spider (and King Bruce)!!! And to emulate my little girl - pictured here almost at the top of the climbing wall (she was one of five who did reach the top among her group of about 25 kids) - persistence does pay..

Monday, May 8, 2017

Reflecting ....

So here in the west coast of the US of A, it is still the 8th and I have sometime left for the day to spillover into the next one. I thought about writing this reflections post for the past week but just could not get to it at all. So now, here is my attempt at the reflections post.
Thank you to all of you A to Zers who visited me regularly and encouraged me, with your kind comments, to keep going with the challenge; and for being part of a wonderful community.
Thank you to the organizers as well to keep it going for so many years now (though it is my first year here, definitely know this is a commitment) and looking forward to many more in the future (I am already coming up with ideas for themes for future AtoZs).

What do I feel about the challenge:
This was my first year participating in the AtoZChallenge, and I was also participating in another one alongside this. I have to say I enjoyed it - enjoyed the challenge of coming up with the theme (at the very last minute of April 1st which was when I discovered and joined the challenge), and then with posts for each letter and somehow ensuring it mapped to my theme! And the best part of the challenge that I enjoyed  - the discoveries - of wonderful new blogs (and so many yet waiting to be discovered). 

Here are my posts:
Theme_1 A3 B4 C5 D6 E7 F8 G9  Day9 H10 I11 J12 K13 L14 M15 Day16 N17 O18 P19 Q20 R21 S22  Day23 T24  OneMore U25 V26 W27 X28 Y29 Z30

What I have learned: 
  • I can do it!!! I discovered that participating in challenges kept me going and ensured I posted every single day, no matter what..
  • Plan ahead, schedule my posts (did not do this but for the future) so I can spend my time discovering great new blogs and reading wonderful posts and commenting

What I plan to do next:
  • Write another post, post-reflections post - 
    • Complete the AtoZ Bingo card (better late than never!) -- i might have filled a few of the squares already but since I discovered this part of the challenge very much towards the end, I plan to go back in the next few days filling this card up :)
    • List out favorite blogs and posts discovered 
    • Have a few themes planned and ready; and posts planned too (maybe)
    • Visit blogs discovered in the challenge regularly going forward

And for May, I decided to keep going by starting another challenge for myself - #31DayChallenge - and I am at day 6 now (a little delayed)  - The Day 6 Challenge asks you to answer the question - Why do you blog? 
As I mention in my 'About the Blog' post
This is my spot/space for my R&R – this could easily mean the traditional ‘rest and recreation’ or my little twist on the traditional ‘Recreation and Relaxation’ or my very own ‘Raving and Ranting’
and the wonderful challenge and joy in writing; and community.