About the blog...

This is my spot/space for my R&R – this could easily mean the traditional ‘rest and recreation’ or my little twist on the traditional ‘Recreation and Relaxation’ or my very own ‘Raving and Ranting’
What should I blog about?
When I saw all the blogs out there already and realized that I have been away in a little world away from blogland all this time, I decided it was time to jump in. What, then, would I write about? All the blogs about blogging that I read about at this time suggest that it would be nice to have a theme or a specialty I could write about. That led me to thinking - what is my specialty? I realized I am more of a Jack of All Trades than a master of one..
Parenting, cooking, online shopping, reading, making up stories for my little ones, Bollywood aerobics, creating photo books on Blurb, photography, going for longs walks with friends and family, and more...

2017 note: I had the following format when I was blogging more regularly earlier and hope to get back to this format soon. I will also be participating in memes and challenges as outlined on that page.

"Simply Sunday" - Simply what I want to write about at that time!
"Magic Monday" - Here I capture the magic moments of being a mommy as I read books to my kids or with them. I review the books we enjoyed the most.
"Yummy Tummy Tuesday" - recipes I have tried out, sometimes created, and definitely the recipes we have fallen in love with in our family - these are the ones I will add on Yummy Tummy Tuesdays
"World of Words Wednesday" - book reviews here and on days when I cannot post reviews, I will have Wordless Wednesdays instead - a picture, after all, says a thousand words! Sometimes, I cannot get some words I have heard or read out of my mind - a new word(s) and I will add them as well in the post
"Travel Thursdays" - a travel journal/guide of places we have visited and loved - I will try to provide helpful tips and other information along with our travel experiences and hope it helps people who fall in love with the place when they read about it.
"Fun Friday" - of course, Fridays are fun! And I will post my reviews of the fun things I do - movies watched, games played, websites/blogs visited, other fun things (theme parks, etc, etc).
"Super Saturday" - life is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and part of that will spill over here..